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Interface With The Encore Condominiums

We are mindful of the impact that our new facility may have on our neighbours.

Moved our building to the south to maximize the distance and create greater separation between the Encore Townhomes and our new facility. Currently, there is over 20 meters between the Encore property line and our building (some of our earlier community conversations have pointed out that the building itself may provide some acoustic benefits to the Townhomes). 

Created a more urban streetscape – wider sidewalks, better pedestrian connection to the Condominium complex, Spruce Drive and the Shaganappi Golf Course.

Minimized the mechanical on the roof and enclosed the equipment in a penthouse and created a curvy-linear pattern that is more visually appealing to those with a bird’s eye view of our facility.

We have added trees and shrubs as an interface between our building and the adjacent townhomes to enhance privacy. 

We have articulated the form of the building to create a more visually pleasing. 

Closer to Home operates in many neighbourhoods in Calgary and develops strong relationships with our neighbours. 

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Emerging Concept
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