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Closer to Home Community Services

Land Use Engagement

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10 - 210222 C2H SD Report FINAL-01.jpg
10 - 210222 C2H SD Report FINAL-01.jpg
We build resilient families and communities by giving children, youth, parents, and caregivers the tools, training and supports needed to learn, heal, and grow stronger together.
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Site Size

For over a quarter-century, Closer to Home Community Services (CTH) has been providing family services in Calgary and surrounding regions such as Airdrie. We help families and individuals build meaningful relationships and cultural and community connections. We help parents and caregivers, youth, and children develop the skills and access the supports they need to succeed. We partner with families, organizations, and governments to create lasting change at home and in the community.  Our goal has always been to bring services “closer to home” by providing community outreach services in west central Calgary.  

3.59 Hectares (8.8 Acres)

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Project Background


Closer to Home Community Services has been working for over five years on a purpose-built facility that will house a publicly accessible and highly visible vibrant Community Hub to serve over 30 communities in West-Central Calgary.  Located in the heart of these communities, our new site is located at 3404 – Bow Trail SW in one of the  communities that we have been working in for over 25 years. The site is on the edge of the Spruce Cliff community, close to public transit (Westbrook Station) and local amenities (Nicholls Family Library, grocery stores and pharmacies), has a high degree of accessibility, and is easily visible to community members. It will be a place accessible to all Calgarians, providing opportunities for people of all ages, background, identities, orientations, and abilities to connect and forge meaningful relationships. 

2021-01-27 - MTA - Closer to Home Render
Safe, thriving children and families.
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Accessibility + Connections

Short-term surface parking has been allocated to support both pre-school and commercial/retail spaces on the ground floor.

Proposed traffic circulation provides a right in and right out on Spruce Drive and is designed to keep traffic out of the community. 

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We are mindful of the impact that our new facility may have on our neighbours.
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Land Use Amendment 

The current land use on the property does not support residential development so a land use change is required. The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) also identifies our site as within a “Community Activity Centres” which requires:

  • A broad mix of uses and a concentration of jobs and population in strategic locations.

  • An opportunity to accommodate significant numbers of workers and residents in centres that are served well by public transit.

  • A broad range of ground-oriented and medium to high density apartment housing and a mix of housing tenure and affordability levels to accommodate a diverse range of population. 

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