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Traffic, Parking + Pedestrian Connections

2021 03 31 - P6 - Site Plan Context-01.j
2021 03 31 - P6 - Site Plan Context-01.j

Proposed traffic circulation provides a right in and right out on Spruce Drive and is designed to keep traffic out of the community.  


With 50 parking stalls, our new facility will have enough parking onsite through underground and surface parking to accommodate our needs ensuring that parking does not occur in the community.


Short term surface parking has been allocated to support both pre school and commercial/retail spaces on the ground floor.


A right in off Bow Trail SW into the site allows for easy access to the site. The proposed traffic circulation does not allow a right out on to Bow Trail.  This will also stop traffic from cutting through the site to access westbound Bow Trail SW. 


As per our Transportation Impact Assessment, the traffic created by our new facility will be marginal.
An emergency access is maintained through our site from Bow Trail to ensure access to the Encore condominiums. 

12- 210222 C2H SD Report FINAL-01.jpg
2021 03 31 - P14 - Plants-01.jpg
2021 03 31 - P14 - Plants-01.jpg

East / West Elevation 

2021 03 31 - P18- Elevation East West-01

North / South Elevation 

2021 03 31 - P19 - Section 1North South-
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