Project Background

Safe, thriving children and families.

Closer to Home Community Services has been working for over five years on a purpose-built facility that will house a publicly accessible and highly visible vibrant Community Hub to serve over 30 communities in West-Central Calgary.


Located in the heart of these communities, our new site is located at 3404 – Bow Trail SW in one of the communities that we have been working in for over 25 years. The site is on the edge of the Spruce Cliff community, close to public transit (Westbrook Station) and local amenities (Nicholls Family Library, grocery stores and pharmacies), has a high degree of accessibility, and is easily visible to community members. It will be a place accessible to all Calgarians, providing opportunities for people of all ages, background, identities, orientations, and abilities to connect and forge meaningful relationships. 

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Our new facility will allow us to:

Create a Community Hub that will offer prevention, early intervention and early childhood learning programs, youth social-emotional and mental health programs, parent education classes, and emergency resource services  to over 30 West Calgary communities and in particular, newcomers, Indigenous families, and vulnerable children and youth.

Create a culturally safe space for Indigenous people and groups to engage in healing circles, ceremonies and have access to Elders and Knowledge Keepers.

Engage community members with resources to develop relationships with community members without resources and social supports and build capacity into the social network.

Provide new opportunities for family housing and contribute to solving Calgary’s shortage of housing that is affordable for families. We are not providing emergency or transitional housing on this site. 

Develop a sustainable business model using a social enterprise framework that invests in the work of the organization, aligns retail tenants with our mission and values and applies a non-traditional and innovative approach to social investment.

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We are currently at the Schematic Design phase of the project. The new facility encompasses approximately 55,000 square feet over six floors. The first three floors are community programming and office spaces with floors four through six focused on housing for families. The building is under 30 metres. The facility will incorporate barrier-free housing units. And our goal is to exceed the requirements of the current National Energy Code. 

Community Hub

Research shows that “gathering places” or community hubs help strengthen communities and build capacity. Closer to Home’s Community Hub is an intentionally designed 3,400 square foot space that will facilitate and increase connections with our community - a public space for community to access for programs and services. In addition, a play space for young children, tech access for youth to support their education, and  a social enterprise Café for community members.  The space will also support community events and gatherings, for example, outdoor markets, art shows and youth events. Our Community Hub will have significant impact on several important social outcomes.

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Strengthening families is at the heart of everything we do.

Indigenous Gathering Space

Exciting work is happening with Closer to Home’s Indigenous programs. With Elder guidance, we are designing a space that will provide safety for Indigenous clients and appropriate spaces for ceremonies and gatherings. We are dedicating our entire third floor (9,000 square feet) to Indigenous cultural exploration and programming. This area will house a Circle Room for cultural teachings, smudging, gatherings, feasts, sharing circles, drumming, specific programs for intergenerational trauma and healing, and youth initiatives. Programs within the spaces will provide access to Elders and Knowledge Keepers and outdoor amenities for medicine gardens, hide preparation, outdoor cooking and feasts. Views to the east overlooking the golf course and downtown Calgary create a wonderful gathering space for outdoor activities. Families living in the building, as well as Indigenous families across Calgary, will have access to the programs within this space.

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We are building ethical spaces for meaningful engagements 
that support and promote Indigenous values and ways of knowing.

Housing for Families

Only 3.5 percent of all housing in Calgary is non-market housing – nearly 50 percent less than the national average in urban centres. Closer to Home will add eighteen (18) 2-and 3-bedroom units for families in need of housing. Housing will be designed for culturally appropriate spaces. Families will have access to wraparound support services within our Community Hub. Families will also have safe access to outdoor amenities (seating and play equipment) on the fourth floor. Housing will incorporate Juliet balconies rather than traditional balconies to allow families with fresh access to fresh air within their living space.

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Strong, stable homes and relationships are critical to people’s success and wellbeing.
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Retail Plans for Socially Aligned Businesses

Investing in families, builds stronger, more resilient communities.

In addition to offering important programs and services for families, Closer to Home will use private sector businesses to support the operational costs of the building.  This will eventually allow our organization to be rent-free with potential for investment in new programs or expansion.  In addition, the main areas, classrooms, the circle room, and outdoor rooftop amenities will be available to community members to rent for special events.  The parking lot area also lends itself to pop up market opportunities and events.  This provides another way for our organization to provide access to the community and to finance its operations.

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Main floor retail spaces for community-focused and businesses and social enterprises including:


~2,000 SF


A Pre-school will partner with Closer to Home on subsidy of spaces for families who could otherwise not afford the program. This will provide cross training opportunities.


Retail Space

~3,000 SF


Retail Space will be made available for an Anchor Tenant that is socially aligned to our mission.


Community Café  + Shop

~1,000 SF


A Community Cafe will provide an outward face to community and provide employment opportunities for Indigenous and new Canadian youth. This social enterprise initiative will be open to members of the community. The space will have sliding walls opens to the Hub to connect to youth homework clubs, child play space, access to technology, new mom support groups, ‘coffee time’ support groups and resource information. Retail goods will be sourced from local individuals. 

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